Podollan Pub: Fun Times, Good People, GREAT Steaks

Best Steak in Fort McMurray
Sterling Silver beef

Join us at the Podollan Pub. Whether you are looking for the best steak in Fort McMurray, a sports fan wanting to watch the game , or a group of friends meeting for a drink, The Podollan Pub is the place for you. We place emphasis on providing fun, friendly service and fantastic homemade food with an atmosphere that is inviting and trendy. Featuring a 120″ jumbo screen, fireplace, pool tables, a large selection of ales, spirits and tequila’s, the Podollan Pub offers a casual ambiance with a dining experience that will exceed your expectations. By sourcing out only the freshest ingredients and the highest quality products , “made from scratch” is the rule, not the exception at the Podollan Pub.

Best SteakThe Best Steak in Fort McMurray
The Podollan Pub is known for great food, but their steaks made them famous. The best steak in Fort McMurray can be found by walking through the doors of the Podollan Pub. “The Pod” serves Sterling Silver beef exclusively and the quality can be experienced in the taste. Don’t let the name fool you. The Podollan Pub is not justΒ a pub. Many guests have suggested they should add “Steakhouse” to the title. Last we heard the ownership is thinking about it… the Podollan Pub & Steakhouse does have a nice ring to it!

Unbeatable Service
The Pod’s wonderful staff will be sure to make you feel right at home and we are confident you will enjoy your time with us. Join us at Fort McMurray’s favourite hot spot for daily food and drink specials.

Hours of Operation

Open daily from 11:00 am to 1:00 am. For the convenience of our shift working hotel guests we offer our full menu till 1 AM daily. At the Podollan Pub it’s never too late for the best steak in Fort McMurray!